If you have continued to send invoices and past due notices, but the customer blatantly ignores you, it's time to submit your customer to our Company.


RAK Collections cares both about our Client's needs, plus the customer's needs. Our goal is to recover your money as soon as possible and retain the customer for future business.


We pride ourselves in being very flexible with our Clients. Our objective is to collect past due debts and lower your bad debt for the future.



The owner has been working collections for 22 years and has been highly successful. A model has been designed to collect past due balances. There are NO scripts when talking to the customer. We listen to why they haven't paid and then try to collect the entire balance immediately or make a payment plan.


1st Stage: Soft Collections totally in behalf of the Client

Once you place a customer with RAK Collections, we begin making calls and send letters using your letterhead. All calls and letters are under the Client's name. Within 60 days, 3 calls plus 3 letters are sent to the customer. E-mails are also sent when available. We act as an employee of your company.


2nd Stage: Soft Collections under RAK Collections

Once Phase 1 is completed, 5 days later we begin the next stage where everything is now under RAK Collections. It's a little more aggressive especially since the letters and calls are in the name of RAK Collections. Customer's pay a little more attention to these letters assuming their credit is affected.


3rd Stage: Hard Core Collections

This stage is entirely up to the Client. The customer is sent to a 3rd party collections agency. The Customer's credit may or may not be affected according to the client's wishes.


Cost to the Client is totally based on Contingency.

It is recommended you submit customers to RAK Collections at 31 days past due. The sooner you place the account with an outside collector, the better chance of recovery. Please contact us for a quote.